Falling from the Clouds Part 1

It’s past midnight and I find myself looking down at my fitted dress and it hugs all the right places. Although my figure never screamed “curvaceous”, the skin-tight dark brown dress my roommate forced on me did the job in swelling all the proper places. To be honest, even though I had never dressed like this before, I rather enjoyed the feeling of being anything close to as an attractive young woman.

My unruly dark curls never really did as they were told but again, my dear roommate who had the most beautiful natural curls, gave me a product she called “Liquid gold for curly-haired girls”. So of course I took it and did my best to work it in my waist length midnight colored locks.

I stood in the mirror for a few minutes staring at a woman who was unrecognizable. What happened to the girl with frizzy dark and crazy looking hair, eyebrows that were way too thick and unattractive, and clothes that screamed she was either a tomboy who was into women or was forced to wear her brother’s hand me downs.

Well, “Forget that girl”, Trish said to her reflection. For now, she stood tall with beautifully defined, frizz free curls and it was only one part of the new her that she wanted to squeal about. She thought against it though, for squealing like a child might change her roommates mind on having her tag along to the frat party she had been talking about all week.

Trish heard her roommate step out of the bathroom on the other end of the apartment. She imagined anyone with ears could hear each step in those red bottoms she cherished so very much. There was so much power in each step and as Trish stood there watching Angie walk out in her black red bottom pumps and a body hugging gold mini dress with her short bouncy curls and cat eyes, she envied her in that moment, that moment that Angie spewed confidence from every corner.

“Angie you look like a super model.” Said Trish in her usual sweet voice.

“Thanks bitch. You look pretty fucking hot yourself, Trish. This look really works for you hun. You can thank me later when you have men at your feet tonight.” She said as she chuckled and reached for her keys and Channel bag.

I watched Angie get her coat ready so I ran to grab a small clutch and grabbed my black pea coat. Angie said if I was going to be her roommate then we should get to know each other a lot better and that required us going out on the town and having a few drinks first. “I guess that is just how people do things here”. I thought to myself.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t have too much to drink. I had never had more than a glass of champagne at family gatherings so I don’t even know what the right drink’s are to order. I just hope I don’t make a complete fool of myself. College is the first time I have ever experienced freedom without having to worry about someone already intoxicated waiting at home, ready to unleash their wrath on me. This was my time to feel beautiful and hopefully have the best time of my life.

After riding with Angie and having a few sips of vodka in the car, she stopped and parked in what looked like a pretty creepy alleyway to me.

“Um, Angie, where are we? Is it okay to park here? Will the car still be here when we get back?” I asked, trying not to sound too worried.

“Don’t worry girl. I’ve been her tons of times and my car has always been here. I admit that it isn’t the nicest of places but people know how to have fun in this club and I think you will like it here. Frat guys come here and buy the place out all the time. So do you want to stay here and guard the car while I go inside and potentially meet my new guy? Or will you be joining in on the fun?” She asked, sticking her hand out waiting for me to take it. I thought about it for a moment but there was no sense in being stuck out here when the fun was clearly awaiting us inside the club. Even though the place looked like an undercover strip club, it was apparently one of the most popular clubs that played all the favorites; pop, R&B, Rap, and more.

I quickly grabbed Angie’s hand and we went in to join the rest of the madness that awaited inside.

As soon as I walked in I was a little blinded by the strobe light but after a few moments my eyes adjusted and it went well with the electronic dance music that was playing. We paid our way in and as Angie tugged at my hand, I followed her to the bar where she asked for two screwdrivers. I wasn’t sure what that meant but I was too busy watching the sweaty bodies dance and grind against each other on the large dance floor.

It was like nothing I had ever seen before and watching their faces made me feel all the more jealous to be honest. These people moving their bodies from side to side as their hands reached up for the sky might have been the most sensual thing I had ever seen and I wanted to be a part of that.

“Hey Angie, can you pass me that drink please?” I asked as she handed it to me. I looked at it with a quizzical look but chugged it down nonetheless.

“Shit! That burned Angie!” I said as I coughed and banged my chest with the palm of my hand.

“Well I’m sorry Trish but you didn’t exactly give me a chance to tell you to sip on it before you swallowed it down like a thirsty bitch.” She said as she began to laugh and sipped on her own drink. She ordered me another and told me to take it easy so I did as she suggested and let the cool alcohol find its way down as I sent a little message to my body to please agree with it so I could enjoy the night until the end.

The next song played and I was feeling pretty relaxed after my third screwdriver, which I now knew was orange juice and vodka. “Pretty tasty,” I thought as I drank it down and moved my way to the dance floor.

Angie was nowhere to be found but I imagined she was probably in some corner with a hot guy grinding their problems away.

“Hey beautiful.” A very tall dark handsome man with hazel eyes said to me.

“Uh…Hi.” I said as I managed to keep myself upright and flick a curl to the side in the most flirtatious way I could think of. I batted my eyes and smiled. In all honesty, I really felt like a fool.

He smiled, revealing a beautiful white smile and said, “My name is Derek.”

I gave him a wide smile and said in my bravest voice, “My name is Trisha.”

“Well, Trisha, do you want to go join me on the dance floor?”

I was a little scared but now that I was really looking at him, his kind hazel eyes and six-foot frame was very welcoming I might say. I figured tonight was my night for fun and well, this guy looks like a lot of fun.

“Sure, I would love to dance with you, Derek.” I said as I grabbed his outstretched hand.

I followed him to the middle where the lights were shining in and out in the dim-lit room. The DJ was playing a reggae song so we were up close against one another, moving our waists side to side as we moved in closer to close the space between us. I must admit that this was the most fun I had ever had in my life and maybe it was the vodka giving me the courage but all I wanted to do was get close to Derek and dance until my feet couldn’t hold me up anymore.

Derek and I were flushed against one another as we swayed from side to side, he placed his hands on my hips, gripping them ever so gently with a little squeeze once in a while. I suppose that meant he liked me but I was so lost in the motion that nothing else mattered except the music. I let my hands run up the side of my body as I moved and hooked my fingers into my hair, closing my eyes as I completely lost myself in the music.

I felt Derek’s hands take a tighter hold on my hips and I imaged him watching me dance with my eyes shut.

In that very moment of pure freedom and happiness, I felt the warmth of his body against mine. I opened my eyes quickly and what I saw staring back at me was pure desire.

“You are so sexy Trisha.” He said in a low sultry voice. I was surprised I could even hear him with the loud music but our surroundings didn’t seem to matter anymore. It was as if it were only the two of us in the whole world.

Derek backed me against a wall where there were no other people so we would have privacy, but privacy for what I wonder?

“Er…Thank you.. Do you, um, want to get another drink? I think my roommate might be waiting for me by the bar.”

“Nah baby, your girl left a few minutes ago.” He said with a sly smile that made me feel a little uneasy.

“But I came here with her, she wouldn’t just leave me and we just got here not too long ago. There’s no way she’s gone already.” I said, paranoid and searching the room.

“She left with her boy Rafi. Give her a call if you want. I’ll take you home though. Don’t worry love.” He said as he cupped my back with his large hand.

“Um, okay then. Well, can you just take me home now then? I have a huge biology test tomorrow and I don’t want to be late.”

Derek looked a bit annoyed but he nodded his head and led the way out of the club and towards his car.

“Let me open that for you.” He said as he unlocked the passenger side to his black Impala. I thought how much of a gentleman he was at that moment as I slid myself in comfortably and waited for him to walk around to his side.

I reached over to the driver’s side and unlocked his door for him to return the same courtesy and he smiled wide which made me do the same. Derek got in the driver’s seat and leaned over to my side with a look I have never seen a man give me. He gave me a look of yearning and I felt something deep inside of me scream out in response. A feeling I am not familiar with but wouldn’t mind exploring.

© Stephanie Cardozo and Stephanie Cardozo, 2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Stephanie Cardozo and Stephanie Cardozo with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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