The Maze

Two inseparable lovers have walked into a maze hand in hand. Their curiosity guided them deeper into the maze, holding on to each other as if life were about to end.

An earth crashing wind blew the lovers apart. Throwing them on opposite sides of the maze. And so, they tread on unknown grounds, searching desperately for a way back to each other. Back to what they knew, back to the safety of each other’s arms. Temptations stop them along the way, clouding the love they walked in with. But they don’t stop because love like theirs runs deep within the bones. No matter the storm, no matter the temptations. Until then, they continue to go through labyrinth-like obstacles to find the love that shines brighter than the stars lighting their way.

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Katrina and The Old Oak

**Note: This narrative poem is a spin off of my short story, The Old Oak Tree.** 



Freed from the vines, running, running from her mother,

from her brothers. Running from what she had done. Three

bodies, still as the bark of the old oak. Three bodies,

beautiful as spring, white as winter snow. Tears sting

like summer heat as she runs. Bare feet surge with energy,

pulling power from the earth with each step. “What have I done?”

“What am I?” She asks no one.

A voice calls out to her, familiar but absent for so long.

“Katrina.” She hears the voice, an odd tongue, unknown to her

before this moment. “Who’s there?” She called out to the

empty clearing. “Katrina, set me free.” Said the voice.

Searching wildly, red hair whipping around like a whirlwind of

flames. “Set you free? Where are you?” She asked. Within a moment,

the earth pulsed, forcing her body to stop where she stood. Her

heart beat rapidly, causing the skies to rumble with fear. Floods of

memories soared through her. A young red-headed girl, smiling,

running through fields of reds, pinks, violets, and blues.

A father, always close by. Chasing his little girl filled with

power unknown to the world. “Katrina.” Calls the voice.

Looking, walking, not knowing where her feet were taking her.

No, the earth, telling her to move forward. The old oak.

So tall, so strong. A place of warmth, glowing like the sun.

Leaves rustling wildly, branches reaching out towards her.

An image, a tall strong figure. Arms open, waiting, laughing,

wrapping around his red-headed girl. “Papa?” Calls Katrina,

staring at the old oak. “Free me, Katrina.” Her hands glow,

moving forward, inching closer. Feeling the heart of the oak.

“How?” She asks, so sure of who stood before her. “You will

know, at the witching hour.”


© Stephanie Cardozo, 2016. Stephanie Cardozo, All rights reserved.

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What’s Left In Between

The earth shakes from under me. Every breath

is followed by lightening. Electrifying my heart, igniting

the fuel from my eyes. Flames of heartbreak shade our world.

A world once so bright, so full of promise.


Promises made, promises broken. In silence, everything is said.

Thrown in the air to swallow us both in a cloud of thunder.

You speak but say nothing. I listen but nothing reaches

my curious heart. In our world of natural disasters,

fingertips meet, sun shines through. With piercing

cries of joy, lightening subsides, thunder sleeps.

Words are spoken but there’s no one left to hear.




© Stephanie Cardozo, 2016. Stephanie Cardozo, All rights reserved.

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A Day at the Beach

Clear blue skies reflect ocean waves

that push and pull smiling bobble heads,

scattered in the mass of crystal.

Mothers nearby, splatter thick white paste

across sweaty, jumping, tiny bodies.

Every footstep sting and steam my salted feet.

Lying on a bed of cotton, I watch as the construction

of three story mansions are built with care. How I wish

to have ownership of such a place. My skin glistens like the

gold draped upon a pharaohs crown. Warm sun-filled kisses

dance across my tanned skin.


The sun begins its good-bye, the day slowly becomes cooler.

Salty waters begin to beat a powerful song.

Golden bodies move quickly     waves of grey cover waves of blue.

Wrapping warm threads around my body, as I look yonder,

I wonder, where the crystals have gone. Where do the

shades of deep blue begin and dark grey end as they become lovers.

Powering against each other, making the other move harder, faster

as the sands end their playful date and watch the fight between sky and ocean.


© Stephanie Cardozo, 2016. Stephanie Cardozo, All rights reserved.



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Caught In Your Web

Like a master, you web and weave. With your smooth

silky words you pull me in. I know there could be danger

as I walk through the darkness. Darkness, tickled with the

sparkles of your web. That beautifully crafted web made

just for me. Each thread holds a memory, a memory of our

love, of what has been, and what could be. You stand so

tall and sure as I walk deeper into your trap. Walls of

silver begin to close in with each step taken. The air grows

thicker, my skin, slick and sticky. You move with precision

as your long fingers take hold of your prey. Turning,

twisting my body into webs of desire. I am stone as you

cocoon everything I am. I wait in a dreamlike slumber

for you to devour every ounce of who I am and ever will be.

Still, breathing slowly, caught in your web.


© Stephanie Cardozo, 2016. Stephanie Cardozo, All rights reserved.



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Under The Shadows

Your lips, so full and true.

The taste of your love came

With ease, with tenderness.


Winds of time pulled us apart.

The taste of love now the taste

Of darkness, emptiness.


I sit here, waiting. The winds

Have calmed, I see you in the distance.

Your lips, so full of lies.


The fire, once burning the light of love

Within our hearts, now turned

To embers, soaring, calmly, gently

Under the shadows of what once was.



© Stephanie Cardozo, 2016. Stephanie Cardozo, All rights reserved.

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Brushing Tangles

Chatting Kathy, listening ears. Brushing tenderly, never rushing.

Enjoying the time shared with each tangle, gone. Listening ears turn into sweet lullabies. A brush, soft bristles, dance through tangle free hair.

A happy little girl, giggling, looking up at the smile of a father, holding her favorite princess brush.







© Stephanie Cardozo, 2016. Stephanie Cardozo, All rights reserved.