Lightning strikes

The world is changing as we know it. The sky is bigger, brighter than I remember it.

Blinding me from the truth that was unfolding in front of me. Blinded because it was easier not to see. But it wasn’t.

This sky, my sky, now covered in dark clouds, let out a roar. Down came the wishes, hopes, and dreams. Down came the love. When I slowly opened my mouth to taste this love one last time, wet, salty, it tasted dark and nothing like I knew before.

This downpour continues and reaches far away lands, unifying loved ones of what this storm has brought upon the world that we knew.

Realizing now, life becomes far too great of a storm for some to weather.

Knowing the things I know, seeing the things I’ve seen, like lightning striking the tree of life standing before me, as it bursts into crimson and orange, I know as I stand close to this tree, so close to my very being, as it begins to singe the tiny hairs on my arms, I am still standing tall.

As the tree falls before me, I smile and speak into existence, “Thank you for releasing me.” I am no longer part of this darkness.

I am unbreakable.

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