New Year, New Beginnings


Happy New Year !

2016 was a tough year for many people all around the world. I for one, have slacked quite a bit, I admit that. However, I am lucky enough to still be in well enough health to move forward and do better. I don’t blame the year for whatever has kept me from accomplishing the things I want or for what ever bad thing that has happened in general. It’s not the year’s fault. Things happen, period. It’s up to us to change them and to live and own the year, not simply letting the year own us. Like so many people waking up on New Year’s day, I woke up inspired and wanting to change things. I fell off of my daily movement this past year but I am pushing forward now and hoping to gain a healthier mind and body. I am starting with a yoga challenge hosted by Yoga With Adriene. I’ve always liked her style of movement and the way she inspires you to “find what feels good”. Letting you know that you don’t have to follow the rules of a yoga book, if you will. You find what moves and poses your body enjoys and simply make it your own. Yoga is a journey, a discovery, an adventure! This is something I look forward to and building a strong foundation for myself this year. Cheers to everyone and I hope you all have a beautiful start to this year!


x Steph

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