Stranger Things: Review


I don’t normally post reviews on TV shows but when my destined best friend (Stephanie and Stephanie, 20 years of arguing who’s “Stephanie #1 and Stephanie #2. I’m number one, I’m older. Even if she tries to pull that, “I’m #1 cause I’m taller” bit.), and fellow blogger, asked me to review the Netflix thriller, Stranger Things, I jumped at the opportunity. First, I’d like to share some info about the blog she and her husband run together. Stephanie and Brendan O’Shea are two nerds the universe paired quite flippin’ perfectly, cue the eye rolls. They are serious movie buffs and cosplay enthusiasts. They don’t miss a beat when it comes to reviewing new hit shows and films. You shan’t be disappointed when you head on over to their site ;).

You can follow them HERE and be sure to check out their Facebook page, for the latest news on all things nerdy. Ah! And my personal favorite, their “Torture Brendan” sequence, where you get to cast your vote for a chance to torture Brendan with watching and reviewing the shittiest films of all time. This makes for a great laugh, sorry (not sorry) Bren! So, browse their blog, add your shitty film to their Facebook page, and marathon the episodes on their Youtube channel.


And now, for the review! Click here to read my thoughts on Stranger Things!

Enjoy and happy reading.



X- Steph


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