We both knew it was wrong. No matter what I did, I couldn’t stay away. His lips of rum and words of silk slithered closer to my neck. All I could think of was when did we get here? How did we let it get this far?

Our hands are running wild with hunger, desperately feeding needs that have not been met. His voice, husky in my ear, telling me he wants me. My body pressed against him in response. Neither of us cared who suffered at the expense of our desires. We reveled in the heat of one another as we knew our time would shortly end. It was time for him to get back to her and for me to get back to the one who waited for me.

Sitting in the car, taking in the frazzled sight of my image in the rearview mirror, I smoothed out my hair and glossed my lips. I took a deep breath, looking at my perfect house that held my perfect husband, and our perfect children, ready to live a life of pretend.




© Stephanie Cardozo, 2016. Stephanie Cardozo, All rights reserved.



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