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Camp NaNoWriMo 2016


Hello readers! It’s been a while. Please excuse me as I blow the dust off my blog….


School has kept me so busy and writing has just not been happening for me. I opted out of the last round of camp but I feel like I need to jump on board with the following round. My last novel is still incarcerated and I have some ideas for a new story. My fellow writer’s understand this struggle, I’m sure of it.

Ideas for new stories pop up all the time and I just need to get them down because you never know which will turn into that big shiny golden nugget. I am so ready and excited to participate in camp nano this year! I have decided to go with a 20,000 word count for the month. I’m sure I can stick to it as long as I manage my time wisely and keep coffee brewing ;).

Are you interested in camping with some of the most creative people from all around the world? Click HERE and join the rest of us campers! Don’t forget to stop by the merch shop. There is always something to help inspire or simply scratch the itch for a good book-ish/writer’s novelty item :).

And so my friends, I leave you with a meme. Cause who doesn’t love a good meme?







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