The Carousel Horse

Whiskey Black

Iza was finally going to get out of the sleepy seaside town of Port Haring when she left for school tomorrow. No more boring days working at her Dad’s shop, The TinShed, while everyone else got to have fun. Sometimes it felt like she was in prison the way he kept her on lock down, but soon it would be her turn. She would travel to Paris and study under some of the worlds most renowned Chefs. Her passport had arrived, everything was packed and she was ready to go. All that remained was for her to say goodbye to her best friend Luca.

It was after dark and the store was closed. Tourists didn’t go antique shopping after sunset, it was just too creepy. She disagreed. Even though she lacked enthusiasm for the job, there were many pieces in her dad’s collection that she loved. Theold carousel horse was…

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