Life, Writing

Caught In Your Web

Like a master, you web and weave. With your smooth

silky words you pull me in. I know there could be danger

as I walk through the darkness. Darkness, tickled with the

sparkles of your web. That beautifully crafted web made

just for me. Each thread holds a memory, a memory of our

love, of what has been, and what could be. You stand so

tall and sure as I walk deeper into your trap. Walls of

silver begin to close in with each step taken. The air grows

thicker, my skin, slick and sticky. You move with precision

as your long fingers take hold of your prey. Turning,

twisting my body into webs of desire. I am stone as you

cocoon everything I am. I wait in a dreamlike slumber

for you to devour every ounce of who I am and ever will be.

Still, breathing slowly, caught in your web.


© Stephanie Cardozo, 2016. Stephanie Cardozo, All rights reserved.



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