Life, Writing

A Day at the Beach

Clear blue skies reflect ocean waves

that push and pull smiling bobble heads,

scattered in the mass of crystal.

Mothers nearby, splatter thick white paste

across sweaty, jumping, tiny bodies.

Every footstep sting and steam my salted feet.

Lying on a bed of cotton, I watch as the construction

of three story mansions are built with care. How I wish

to have ownership of such a place. My skin glistens like the

gold draped upon a pharaohs crown. Warm sun-filled kisses

dance across my tanned skin.


The sun begins its good-bye, the day slowly becomes cooler.

Salty waters begin to beat a powerful song.

Golden bodies move quickly     waves of grey cover waves of blue.

Wrapping warm threads around my body, as I look yonder,

I wonder, where the crystals have gone. Where do the

shades of deep blue begin and dark grey end as they become lovers.

Powering against each other, making the other move harder, faster

as the sands end their playful date and watch the fight between sky and ocean.


© Stephanie Cardozo, 2016. Stephanie Cardozo, All rights reserved.



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