Lost Words

She opened her mouth to speak and paused. I took her hand and led her to our spot on the dock. We sat there in silence–nothing really needed to be said. Somehow, our presence was enough. No empty space between us. I felt the warmth from her arm slightly touching mine on that cool night. We sat there, listening to the waves splish and splash against the dock.
Her hand grabbed hold of mine. Her yearning eyes waited for words that wouldn’t come. Six months and they didn’t make it to my lips.

Beautiful dark locks just passed her waist, hazel eyes, smooth skin, and with a voice of a songbird.

Beautiful, but not for me. She’s everything a man could want but it doesn’t feel right. Her blood-red lips taste salty.

Her touch sears my skin.

I look at her and want to tell her the truth. The only truth.

I wanted to say I’m sorry, that she deserved better but that wasn’t me.

She stares with clouded eyes and quickly gets up and walks away. I can’t bare to watch her pain.

I said nothing. She said nothing. But we both knew everything.

© Stephanie Cardozo, 2015. Stephanie Cardozo, All rights reserved.

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