I Am Grateful

It’s far too simple to lose ourselves in the negative and forget about the good. I am guilty of this too!

So, I make it a regular habit to write down all the things I’m grateful for and realize how abundantly rich I am. If you haven’t tried this, I suggest you drop what you’re doing and do it, NOW!

So, here I am, sharing some things that remind me of how very lucky I am.

I am grateful for life. For my vision, the ability to look upon my babies, watch the seasons change.

I am grateful for my parents. Two people who were crazy enough to get together and create awesome people like me and my brother.

My mother, who taught me to be strong.

My father, who taught me to be kind.

My brother, who believes in me and reignites my mind for knowledge and life and simply inspires me to do magnificent things.

My husband, who loves me at my worst, who puts his whole heart into doing absolutely everything he can to keep his family happy and well. I love you, babe.

My beautiful girls. This is a touchy one, folks. Being a mother is more rewarding than I could ever explain. These little humans know how to send me over the edge but it’s a part of the parenting deal 😉. Raising little people is not easy but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love watching them grow, experiencing their excitement for life and the new fascinating things they learn remind me of why this life is so flipping amazing. I love these little people of mine. ❤️

My sister in law, for always thinking of me and pushing me to be the best writer I can be. Thank you for always being my on call proof reader. There’s no one else I would rather send my drafts to at 2am.

My best friend of nearly twenty years, for pulling me out of countless “funky” moments, all the tear-filled conversations, break-ups, make-ups, fashion no no’s, long nights of musicals and strawberry daiquiris, and somehow making the universe push the birth of my child to land on her birthday 😅, nicely done, bestie. I love you, dude!

I am grateful for the people I’ve met in the past six months. I’ve spoken to more people now than I ever have in my life! I’ve made real, true, and meaningful friendships with amazing people!

I am grateful for my friend, my mentor, and my personal cheerleader, Hera! You already know what you’ve done for me and continue to do. She presented me the tools that would for ever change my life and inspire me to start a business, start conversations with complete strangers, and help people the way she helped me. I can go on forever but you get it, right? 😏

I am grateful for my Powerhouse team! I love you all! You are all my motivation to keep working hard, push harder, and dig deeper. You all show me that although life throws us curve balls, there is NOTHING we can not over come as long as we bring our determination to the table.

To those who I have not mentioned by name, I apologize but no one goes unnoticed! I am grateful for everyone who has come into my life even if for just a while! If I were to name each and every one of you, we’d be here forever! 😊

I am grateful for you all! For the lessons I’ve learned from each of you, some big and some small.

I am grateful. For these riches in my life. For my friends and family.

I am grateful for all the riches that are coming to me now, for the adventures I will embark, for the places I will travel, for the stories I will write, for the lives I will change, for the life I am creating for myself. And for the legacy I will leave.


© Stephanie Cardozo, 2015. Stephanie Cardozo, All rights reserved.

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