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Writing 101: Reinvent The Letter Format; A Letter To My Younger Self

Day 9

Dear fourteen year old me,

This is a letter of apology. This is a letter of unprofessed love. This is a letter of warning, of empowerment, and of assurance.

Life is going to suck for a while. This is the cold truth and I wish it were different. You will go through things that no teen should. Things that no human being should go through but you will survive them. You will feel like no one cares, like you are not loved. Oh but sweet child, you are very loved and there are people who care and will show you the love you deserve. It will take time to get to this place. You will be an adult and have children of your own when you get there but darlin’, you will get there.

You will get lost along the way but you are so much stronger than you know. I’m so sorry you weren’t hugged enough.

I’m sorry you weren’t told, “I love you” enough. I’m sorry you were left alone and it will cause you to find attention in dark shadows, in beautifully masked demons that will hold you back from shining like the bright light you are.

I’m sorry that you will be sad for so many years and point fingers at all the wrong people.

Sweet girl, you are beautiful inside and out and you have something special to offer the world. You will have two beautiful girls that will drive you mad but are worth it all. Waking up to their smiles will give you strength and hope for a beautiful future. You will have people in your life that will help you be the best version of you and remind you why you are the awesome and most unique you. There is only one you and never wish to be anyone but. You may wish to disappear from the world in which you live, the darkness will frighten you to the bone but you are brighter than that darkness. Your inner strength equals to a thousand men, although you may not feel it. You will survive, you will live and give life. You will inspire and motivate others. You will make positive changes in the world and help build a happy home.

You will smile, you will be hugged and told, “I love you” every single day.

With Love,


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18 thoughts on “Writing 101: Reinvent The Letter Format; A Letter To My Younger Self”

  1. Aw how beautiful.. When we are you g, we have so much doubt in ourselves and we look for compassion everywhere. We take everything hard on us. It could have been a very calming letter for the younger self of you.

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