Writing, Writing 101

Writing 101: Hook ’em with a quote

Day 7

Go Big

This is definitely one of those, go big or go home kind of quotes. I tend to deter myself from what I should be doing in order to get myself closer to my goals. Yes, I can openly admit that I literally kick myself in the ass sometimes. It’s a human thing, I’m pretty sure you’ve done it to. It’s all good though, cause when I’ve finished kicking my own ass I remember why I started my path to living the life I’ve always wanted, I dust my ass off and continue the journey.

Writing, it’s a huge pain in the ass, no pun intended. Sometimes I wake up and I feel like the all mighty writing beast that I am and write until all my characters have successfully screwed one another over, fallen in and out of dirty uncontrollable love, dug themselves into a deep hole of “holy fuckness, why did I do this to myself?” kind of mess, and so on. Oh, and other days I wake up and seriously consider changing my creative writing major to something more practical because why in the hell would anyone want to be a writer?

I fight through these inner wars and drill into this mind, this not so screwed up, creative, beautifully dark mind of mine that I am flippin’ good, no, great enough to write whatever the hell I want because the passion, the fire, the need is so damn real and it must be shared. I love my craft so much and believe in it so deeply that I will push it to the limit and beyond. I will dream big and fly. My heart is my guide, every beat will take me further and there’s no going back.


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