Q & A with Marquessa Matthews

I have had the pleasure of chatting it up with one of my fellow bloggers and it has been a real treat getting to know more about her and her work! I thoroughly enjoy the flow of her writing and encourage you to check out her blog 🙂

One of my favorite pieces from her blog really left me wanting more and I simply can’t wait for the continuation of San Juan

So, without further delay, please continue reading for an amazing Q & A with Marquessa Matthews

1. Q: What inspired the tone for this beautifully subtle romance on this tropical island?

A: I’ve been visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico almost every year (and sometimes twice) since my early 20’s. From the moment I first visited, something about the island felt like “home” and it was more than just being surrounded by beautiful beaches. There is a palpable “vibe” to the island that I just simply love.

My “San Juan” piece was inspired from my March 2015 visit. It was a hot, humid and past midnight. I was sitting out on the balcony, hypnotized by the sounds of the ocean and watching a couple stroll down the beach hand in hand until I could no longer see them in the darkness.

That’s when I had the idea, “If I placed Delaney on a similar balcony with a similar view and a love interest, what would that scene look like?”

I knew it would somehow have to be romantic, with whispers of the possibility of things to come. Or not.  

2. Q: The connection between the two lovers was just enough to tease the readers and leave them wanting more. How do you prepare yourself to write a story such as this?

A: In all honesty, I can’t say that I “prepared” myself for writing this story. The “Delaney” character is one that has been rolling around in my head for a long while. Over time, I’ve created different potential storylines in my head for her – who she is, what’s her story so far and what makes her tick.

I initially wrote the first draft of “San Juan” as a prologue/flash forward and there was absolutely no mention of “Alejandro”. I had purposely not mentioned a male character’s name because I was undecided as to who the “mystery man” would be in that scene – Dex, Tyler or Alejandro. I wanted tease it just enough for the reader to want to find out who she had chosen and how she had ended up in San Juan with him.

But the more I started to write, the more I realized that the storyline was too “big” and would be better suited in three parts. 

Now, I’m concentrating on the Delaney/Alejandro (part 3). The Dex/Delaney storyline (part 1) and the Delaney/Tyler storyline (part 2) will eventually follow and take readers to how Delaney ended up in San Juan. So in essence, my project plan is to create a mini-trilogy.  

3. Q: When writing a story like this, what do you hope your readers feel by the time they read the last line?

A: For any fiction that I write, by the time readers are at the last line, I try to make them feel as if they had been in the same room with the characters as the scene was unfolding.

Because of that, dialogue is very important to me. My brainstorming ideas are always heavily dialogue-based so my first goal is to make the readers feel as if they are eavesdropping on a personal conversation. Then, on my second go ’round, I try to create the “feel” to give the readers a bird’s eye view of the environment, like watching a scene unravel from a front row seat.

Personally, I love it when I read fiction that makes me feel as if I were like a fly on the wall.

4. Q: You mentioned you are working on a continuation, can you send us back to sandy beaches with a sneak peek into what might happen next with our lovers?

A:  I wish that I could send you back to sandy beaches after “San Juan” but I can’t! 🙂

As I mentioned before, it started off being a quick prologue/flash forward. But as I progressed in the writing of the other excerpts under my “The Story So Far” blog header, “San Juan” ended up better suited as part of a place to “end” as part of the unfolding of the story. Eventually, I will need to rewrite and tweak it for consistency with the scenes that precede it.

What I can give you is a sneak peak as to what Delaney may possibly be saying, “Okay” to at the end of that scene, which is either:

1.  staying the night;

2. accepting a suggestion for her to cancel her plane ticket back home; or

3. accepting a proposal for her to move in with him for the time left on her assignment;  

5. Q: Aside from San Juan, you have written other stories with a similar touch, would you consider putting together a book of short stories for publishing?

AThe other fiction stories that specifically touch on “Delaney” will eventually serve as a base for the other stories I have planned for her (part 1 & 2), all weaved together to create a “book”. I would love to be published one day and that is my ultimate goal. But for now, I am looking forward to see what kind of interesting situations I can get Delaney into. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed working on it with Marquessa! Please be sure to visit her page and subscribe to stay updated with all her new posts!!


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