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Book Review: The Wrath & The Dawn 

the wrath and the dawn.jpg Where do I even begin? For the past week I have been in a magical world of sandy plains and mysteriously beautiful dark haired and fearless characters.
My heart is overwhelmed with excitement and longing for more out of these characters that I have completely fallen for. I suppose I will simply do my best to survive until the sequel comes out. (Sigh)

Renee Ahdieh has truly created such a mesmerizing tale that will stay with me always, leaving me here with thoughts of Shahrzad & Khalid, the king who takes a wife only to have her killed at dawn. My oh my, what a story!!

This is an absolute MUST READ!! Allow yourself to be transported to this magical land filled with mystery, suspense, romance, and action.

Happy reading fellow book lovers!! 😉

© Stephanie Cardozo and Stephanie Cardozo, 2015.

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