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Home Remedy For Allergies


I developed severe allergies when I first became pregnant. It’s just one of the many possible changes your body goes through. Sadly, they never went away, they only worsened. I have tried every over the counter and prescribed medication under the sun. I decided to start looking for a natural approach last year when I came across apple cider vinegar. I purchased the Bragg’s organic unrefined vinegar and began taking one to two tablespoons in eight ounces of water twice a day. About a month into drinking it, I had not experienced a sinus attack and it was without question that I would continue drinking it. Relieving sinus issues is just one of the many benefits apple cider brings to the table and I will go into all those details in another post.

Although I still drink apple cider, not only in my water, I also put it in my shakes and teas. I failed to drink it for the last few days. I walked outside and instantly started sneezing and the attack hit me with a vengeance. I sneezed all day long; itchy watery eyes, runny nose, swollen nasal passage, you name it and I was suffering from it yesterday.

And while apple cider helps, it’s gradual and you MUST drink it every day in order to prevent the attacks. I looked up a quicker remedy, all ingredients I already had right at home!

Honey and Turmeric!! Yep, that’s it!! Can you believe it?

Honey is great for allergies and you most likely have that on hand. Be sure that it is raw honey! Processed is just no good!

Turmeric is a great inflammatory antibacterial ingredient!! Put it together with raw honey and you have found the holy grail of quick allergy relief!

The best way to take this is to make a mixture or simply add a bit of both to your tea or warm water.

Should you want to make the mixture, all you have to do is take about six to seven tablespoons in a jar. Add six tablespoons of turmeric powder and mix until it is evenly distributed. This mixture will keep up to a year!

Now, I like to simply add a tablespoon of honey and a dash (or two) of turmeric to my tea and drink that down.

I like kombucha because of its many antioxidants, and of course, it just tastes divine! 🙂


Peppermint tea is great too! That minty aroma really helps with soothing your nasal passage!


Drink this two to three times and within twenty-four hours you’ll feel like your old self again! My attacks used to last up to three days!!

Today I’m enjoying the mixture with iced kombucha tea 🙂 I always add lemon to my tea. So good!!


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