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Getting Stronger, Inside and Out


Do you ever feel like you have too much going on? I feel like that all the time. Some might think that because I’m a stay at home mom that I do nothing but care for the kids. Well, parents will already know that taking care of the kids is by far one of the hardest jobs ever.

Now let’s throw in being a college student and a writer. While I haven’t published anything yet, I do some freelance work to build my portfolio so I can get better writing jobs. Writing is difficult but amazing all the same.

Staying healthy is a challenge I’ve taken on and when I first started that challenge, let’s just say that it was more than a struggle. Although I worked out vigorously and almost every day, my eating habits did not change much. So needless to say, I barely saw changes in my weight.

It wasn’t until I fell into a deep depression that my attitude towards everything had changed. Never once did I think that life was too difficult for me to continue living. However, I knew there were changes I needed to make in order to help me feel better about conquering each day.

Support from my family is number one and of course they are a big part of my strength but at the end of the day, the strength I needed most was within me. I needed to believe more in myself and I can honestly say that I do now.

Choosing to wake up each day and encourage yourself to be stronger and even when things seem too difficult, push harder. We are our own worst enemies and I can say that from experience.

Taking my health seriously has really helped with how good I feel about myself. I have more energy and over all, I feel happy. I feel good about what I put in my body and when I practice yoga and/or PiYo (Team Beachbody), there is a beauty in finding strength physically that is so uplifting. I see and feel now that I was holding myself back and now that I kicked those walls down, I can truly be who I was meant to be; a stronger, healthier, and happier version of me.

It’s experiences like these that should be shared with others because strength and happiness is within us all. Sometimes it takes a nudge, a push, or someone sharing their own story to trigger motivation.


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2 thoughts on “Getting Stronger, Inside and Out”

  1. I definitely know what you mean, I started out losing weight the same way, killilng myself with workouts but the food.. yeah didn’t quite work. So excited to see your progress!

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