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Did I forget Something?

IMG_3244Yesterday was a very unsuccessful day, in the literary sense, that is. Unfortunately, the math exam I took Sunday evening was an absolute flop. I was brain-dead after that and although I’m in love with my current read, I couldn’t bring myself to read either. I talked it over with my husband that night when he came home from work and thought I was over it. Yesterday however, I did what I usually do as part of my morning routine after breakfast and some inversions. I set my coffee down on the table along with my laptop, my planner, current read, favorite pen, and journal (yes, people still have those!).

As I set up my work space I simply didn’t feel inspired or moved in any way, shape, or form to work on any of those things that give me such joy. The failure of my exam still haunted my thoughts throughout the day and didn’t allow me to concentrate. While I felt I had yet failed in another way, completely pushing writing and reading to the side, I dove in to the girls’ room and knocked out some more packing so I suppose that’s a plus. There’s still so much to do and we only have days left here.

The end of the day had arrived and I was still lugging my laptop around in hopes of getting a post up but it just didn’t happen. My husband came home from work and although we tried going to sleep early, we were consumed by pillow talk for hours. I’m sure there are many people who feel the same when I say this. It brings my heart such happiness that he and I are still able to hold conversations of even the silliest things. The point is that we do talk and neither one of us gets bored.

I can honestly say that whatever shadows I dragged with me to bed last night were destroyed by my husbands light and I felt nothing but utter happiness and love. I slept with a smile and woke up with a light load, ready to get words down.

So again, my love has saved me from myself and doesn’t even know it. Now here I am, music filling the house, children happily playing without a care in the world (other than trying to get their hands on those cookies in the pantry), and I’m ready to fill my page with posts.

I also want to take a moment to thank those who have followed my page and actually read these posts. It means a great deal, more than anyone will ever know, that there are people who take time out of their busy lives to read my words.

I welcome all feedback and suggestions on making my posts better to entertain YOU! My readers!

Thank you!


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