Late Night Studying Gone Wrong

I mentioned in my previous posts that I am in the process of moving so things are a bit crazy (messy) at home. On top of that, my youngest has gone absolutely mad! Completely off the wall! Her mood swings are not to be taken lightly so needless to say, there isn’t much studying going on while she’s awake. After fighting her sleepy eyes for what seemed like forever, she finally gave up at around midnight (yes, I know!). 

So, although I still have tons to get packed I decide to push that aside and get to studying so I don’t fail the coming exam miserably. 

After about an hour of looking at my e-textbook at equations like the image below (nope, not exaggerating).


The numbers began to fly off the screen leaving me without a brain. 

I closed my computer and decided to do what I do best. Read!!! I mean, hello people!! I’m an English major! Why give me this evil math course!!

I easily settled back into my current read, The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simmons. Oh and it’s so very good right now! I don’t want it to ever end! 


Good thing it’s a big read and a trilogy no less! It’s an epic love story that is highly recommended and mind you, I haven’t even finished the first book yet! But when I have many reactions like this….


I have a difficult time believing the excitement will die anytime soon.

Who else is enjoying their current read?

Oh, and if you haven’t read The Bronze Horseman, please go pick it up!! The pages will consume you!


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