Lasting Love – Interactive Poetry

This is beautiful!

A few days ago, I decided I would start doing some interactive poetry. I got a surprising number of responses and I’m excited to get started!
The first words I chose to write about were feather, phantom, and lasting. Mostly because they seemed pretty random and I was curious as to how I could get them to work together. They were given to me by Chellzybellzz!

This breeze,
blowing softly through
brushes away
the memory of you.

You’re a feather,
lost in the wind.
Floating through the air,
like it was all just pretend.

Our love was like a phantom
fading into the past.
We both knew it would happen.
We both knew it wouldn’t last.

But now that you’re gone,
my wearied heart can look above.
I can finally trust
that I’ll one day, have a lasting love.


If you have words you would like me to…

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