Spring Is Here!!

Welcome Spring Clip

Who else is ready for the chilly days to be long gone and welcome warmer days that allow flip-flops and maxi dresses? I know I am!! Now, I have never really been one of those types who leaves all the big clean ups for Spring. I mean, any time is a good time to rummage through that ghastly pile of nonsense in the back of your closet or storage room.

This year however, lucky me that we just so happen to be moving into our new home in less than two weeks so I have no choice but to attack the apartment and clear it out of everything. It does suit perfectly as Spring represents new beginnings and beautiful blooms.

Beside the sun and light showers, the coats of pollen sheeted on everything under the sun here in lovely Georgia has me feeling like I’m safer inside. Has anyone else experienced such cruelty from nature? I mean seriously! Bring on the probiotics people! The pollen storm has hit home! I’ve never disliked the color yellow more than I do now.

On that note, let’s look at the bright side here, you found those really awesome skinny jeans you’ve been looking for since last Spring! Time to squeeze into those babies now that the winter weight is shedding ladies!


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