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Welcome to My World!

I am so excited now that I have taken the first step in creating a blog! I have wanted to do this for quite some time and decided to stop thinking so much and just do it! After all, when we let our thoughts consume us far too much then we tend to hold ourselves back instead of stepping out into unknown boundaries and welcoming the beauty of what is yet to come.

I am 28 years old, a mother to two (pains in my butt) beautiful little girls, and wife to a smart and very hot (wink, wink) man. I am currently in my second year of online college at Southern New Hampshire University and although it has been overwhelmingly challenging at times, it has been a wondrous journey thus far. I have grown so much as a writer and a person and I must say, it is more than rewarding to walk around with that feeling.

I am enjoying my time as a stay at home mother as I get to experience every new trait and beautiful elements that emanate my little one’s personalities. Being a mother is by far the toughest job I have ever had and will ever have but would never quit. I learn more about myself and my family every day and I am constantly researching ways on living a healthier and happier life.

I believe that Longevity is something many people take for granted and we tend to get lost in “the now”. While I do think about what I will be doing in the next few minutes, I also think about my family’s health as well as my own. I have changed the way I cook and I am happy to say that I have seen and felt many changes.

I want to share my journey through parenting, marriage, writing, and healthy living with others. I hope to inspire and motivate people to make healthy changes in their life. I enjoy meeting like-minded people who can also give me pointers on what can get me closer to my goals in life.

As we move forward in life we either take what we learn with us and grow as individuals or we get comfortable and settle with what has already been. Well, I for one will never stop learning and would love to share my discoveries!

I hope you all enjoy my posts and I welcome questions and feedback!



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